ClearSky Academic is a UK-based business providing a high quality proofreading service. The service is tailored to those in education; from GCSE and A-level students through to undergraduates, postgraduates and post docs. We proofread all types of written work including coursework, dissertations, journal papers and PhD theses.

Our goal is to enable people to realise their full potential. Our high quality proofreading service ensures that your thoughts and ideas are expressed clearly, and in a professional manner, allowing the content of your work to be fully appreciated.

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We offer premier online education in Medical, Management, and Engineering. We look forward to welcoming you into our program.

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Our programs are offered on a two-year, full-time basis. We continually audit our curriculum to ensure we always provide industry-standard knowledge.


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Founder: Dr Marie Bennett

'I am a native English speaker and I have experienced the full academic life cycle; starting from coursework during my BSc, through to completing my PhD thesis and publishing papers in international journals. I have worked as a research scientist, producing a variety of reports and publications, so I am familiar with the language used in scientific and technical writing. My skills and experience can be used to enhance the clarity of your written work, enabling you to reach your full potential.'